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Surviving Financially After Divorce

Planning for Your Financial Future after Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a tumultuous time, and most divorcees are understandably focused on the legal aspects of the process, including asset division, child custody, and so on. However, it’s equally important that you address the financial circumstances that surround your divorce, and how different your financial future may look after the divorce is finalized.

At Smart Divorce Decisions, LLC, we specialize in providing financial planning for divorcees before, during, and after the divorce. Whether you’re considering separating from your spouse, currently going through divorce proceedings, or have recently finalized your divorce, we can help you to plan for your financial future outside of your marriage.

Understanding How a Divorce Impacts Your Finances

Ending a marriage impacts almost every aspect of your life—emotionally, socially, mentally, legally, and of course, financially. Most married couples plan for their future finances as a unit, and severing that unit changes the picture quite drastically. Your household income changes, as do your living expenses; consequently, all of your financial plans must be reassessed and realigned to better fit with your new financial reality. 

We can help you to reassess your retirement plans, savings goals, education planning for your children, and many more areas of your financial life to ensure that you remain on track to a secure financial future. As a divorcee, it’s incredibly important for you to take independent control of your finances as quickly as possible. Smart Divorce Decisions, LLC, can help you do that.

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Planning for Divorcees

Most individuals going through a divorce have many questions about financial planning for their futures. While most questions are best answered by speaking to a financial planner, who can provide solutions tailored to your specific situation, we’ve compiled a list of general answers to some of the most common questions we receive on this topic below.

How Does a Divorce Change My Financial Plan?

When it comes down to it, a divorce requires a complete restructuring of any existing financial plan you may have established with your former spouse. Because a divorce so drastically alters your financial circumstances, it’s best to rebuild your financial plan from the ground up so that we can ensure your new financial plan is tailored to your needs and goals as an individual, rather than as a couple. Our financial planners will sit down with you and work on rebuilding your financial plan so that it’s better suited to your new situation and able to help you reach your new goals.

When Should I Meet with a Financial Planner for My Divorce?

The sooner you can meet with a financial planner regarding your divorce, the better prepared you will be to handle the changes to your financial situation. Even if you have not yet filed for divorce, but are seriously considering doing so, you can meet with a financial planner to determine how your finances will change. We can help you to better understand how assets are likely to be divided, how spousal or child support may impact you, and how your spending will need to change to suit your future income levels. Ultimately, the best time to meet with a financial planner regarding your divorce is as soon as you possibly can. Whether that’s before, during, or after your divorce, we’ll be here to help.

What Financial Documents Should I Gather for My Meeting?

When you’re meeting with a financial planner, it’s a good idea to bring as much financial documentation as you can. We can provide you with a more precise list of documents you’ll need when you contact us to schedule your consultation. However, here are a few common examples of financial documents that can be beneficial for financial planning for divorcees:

  • Most recent brokerage statements
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Life and health insurance policies
  • Loan documents
  • Social Security statements

Divorce decrees pertaining to asset division, spousal support, and/or child support (if you’ve already finalized your divorce)
Contact us to receive a tailored list of documents to bring with you to your financial planning meeting.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

We understand how unmoored you may feel when going through a divorce. Uncertainty about the future can leave you feeling helpless, as if nothing is within your control anymore. But the financial planners at Smart Divorce Decisions, LLC, can help you take back control of your financial future after a divorce. We aim to empower, educate, and support our clients so that they can feel secure in their finances and confident in their futures once again. Call now to schedule your initial consultation, and start taking control of your financial future.



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