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Financial Stability Through Divorce

Financial Stability Through Divorce

December 26, 2023

I know the divorce process can be daunting--filled with legal jargon and dates you need to keep track of.  I remember how much time I spent researching the steps I should take and the questions I should be asking my attorney when I was first separated.  I remember constantly feeling like there was something I should be doing, but I didn't know what it was.  I remember bombarding my attorney with emails asking questions, and not hearing back because the questions weren't relevant to where we were in the actual process.  This constant state of wondering increased my stress and anxiety, and amped up the sense of hostility in the whole process.  Looking back, I realize how much easier it would have been if I'd had someone else besides my attorney who could answer my questions--most of which involved my financial situation.

It's essential to have someone in your corner who knows what you're going through and who has a deep understanding of handling the financial impact of divorce.

I want to share how I can guide you in achieving financial stability and clarity during what may be one of the most challenging times in your life.

Understanding the Process

Divorce is not only a legal separation in the eyes of the state; it's a complete restructuring of your financial life. As someone who has personally experienced and helped countless women navigate this process, I know how vital it is to approach this transition with a clear and informed financial plan.

The first step is organizing your finances. This means gathering all your financial documents, bank statements, investment accounts, retirement plans, and other financial assets. I'll help you understand your current financial situation and prepare for the discussions ahead.

Reviewing Financial Documents and Tax Returns

One of the most critical stages of divorce is the discovery phase. Here, I'll review your financial documents, the financial documents your attorney provides you from your soon-to-be-ex and your tax returns. This process is crucial for identifying assets and liabilities that must be addressed in your divorce settlement. I aim to ensure that everything is noticed and that you understand your financial picture comprehensively.

Completing Financial Affidavits

An affidavit is a legal, financial document that outlines your financial status. Completing this document accurately is essential for a fair settlement. With my experience, I'll assist you in preparing this document, and if you share it with me, then I'll also review your soon-to-be-ex's financial affidavit to ensure that all information is accurate and well-documented.

Advising on Cash Flow Design

Understanding and planning your cash flow during and after divorce is vital. I'll work with you to design a cash flow plan supporting your current needs and goals. This includes budgeting for your new lifestyle and ensuring you have the resources to move forward confidently.

Asset and Liability Distribution

Dividing assets and liabilities can be complex and emotionally charged. I provide financial advice on how to approach this distribution fairly and strategically. Whether it's the family home, retirement accounts, or shared debts, I'll help you understand and consider your options, leading to informed decisions for equitable distribution.

Mediation Support

During mediation, having a financial advocate who understands the intricacies of your financial situation is invaluable. I offer support during these sessions, providing clarity and advice and ensuring that your financial interests are represented and understood.

Planning for Financial Stability

The ultimate goal is to emerge from your divorce with a solid plan for your financial future. This includes re-evaluating your financial goals and ensuring you have a strategy in place for long-term financial stability.

Support During Separation and Beyond

Separation is just the beginning. I'm committed to supporting you throughout the entire divorce process and beyond. This includes regular check-ins, adjustments to your financial plan as your situation evolves, and ongoing support as you embark on this new chapter of your life.

Your Financial Ally in Times of Change

Divorce can be uncertain, but you don't have to navigate it alone. As a Financial Advisor who specializes in supporting women through this process, I am here to guide you every step of the way. From organizing your finances to helping you to plan for your future, I'm committed to helping you achieve financial stability and a sense of balance and confidence.

If you're facing divorce and need a financial ally, I encourage you to book a consult with me. Together, we can chart a confident financial future.