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Financial Resolutions for Single Women

January 05, 2024

As the new year begins, I'm reflecting on the journey of personal transformation, particularly for newly single women. Going through a divorce is not just an emotional upheaval, it's also a significant financial turning point. In this spirit of new beginnings, I want to share insights and strategies that have helped me and others embrace financial independence and empowerment in this phase of life.

Resolution #1:  Budgeting

Budgeting becomes a solo act after divorce. It's not just about spending less money, it's finally understanding and taking control of your finances. When you review every inflow and outflow, it's surprising to see where your money actually goes, and it's empowering to decide where you want your money to go! Adjustments are inevitable as you decide to intentionally spend or intentionally save money- maybe you're dining out less, revisiting subscriptions, and finding joy in cost-effective hobbies you're finally able to partake in now that you're in control of your money (and your time). The essence of budgeting lies in intentional spending.

Resolution #2:  Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself is another crucial aspect. Post-divorce, I took a hard look at my career and personal growth. Many women I know further their education and skills. If financially sound, this investment is not limited to professional development; emotional and physical well-being are equally important. Nurturing my health through activities like yoga or therapy made a significant difference. It's a holistic approach where investing in oneself pays dividends in every aspect of life.

Resolution #3:  Emergency Funds

Building a safety net, particularly an emergency fund, was a priority. Life's unpredictability doesn't pause, and having a financial cushion is essential. Start by saving a small portion of your income regularly. The goal is to have a fund that could cover several months of living expenses, providing peace of mind and security.

Resolution #4:  Hire a Financial Advisor

Long-term financial security is something I had to start thinking about more seriously. This includes planning for retirement, exploring investment options, and understanding estate planning. Seeking professional advice is a game changer. It helps set realistic goals and take actionable steps towards securing your financial future.

Resolution #5:  Empowered Money Mindset

However, the most transformative aspect for me and what I've heard from other women like us is a shift in mindset. Viewing financial management not as a burden but as an exciting journey to independence is empowering. Embracing financial independence means making conscious choices, staying informed, and actively managing my finances.

In this new chapter, it's crucial to remember that you're not navigating these waters alone. There are countless women on similar paths, and there's strength in shared experiences. Seeking support through groups or financial advisors specializing in post-divorce financial planning can be incredibly beneficial.  The new year symbolizes a new chapter, especially for those of us starting anew after a divorce. It's a time to redefine our financial futures with optimism and empowerment. Let's approach it confidently and believe in our abilities to manage and thrive in our financial lives.  I'd be happy to work with you to develop your financial plan for this new life chapter.  Schedule a consult with me here to learn how we can work together.